Our Approach

Charter in brief

If you have an active interest in brewing beer or are brewing already and would like to learn more from your brewing community we encourage you to come to our meetings and become a member.

Our Story

Our Story

This brew club was formed to allow people with the same interests a chance to gather, share knowledge, ideas and of course beer.

As for the club members,  we're a mix of new, intermediate and veteran brewers. We're all about making beer, learning to make better beer, drinking each others beer and having fun while doing so! If you're new to this great hobby and want to join a group that is low key and relaxed, that will help you learn how to make beer and that is a place where you can ask those obvious questions we all had when we started brewing, come and check us out.

We strive to avoid the depths of beer geekdom - although at times we find ourselves there. But never fear - you can roll your eyes at that talk and still enjoy the club!

We have moved meetings to Friday nights with our gracious hosts at Lazy Boy Brewing company in Everett. We meet the third Friday of the month at 7 p.m.

Meet the Team

The B.R.E.W. club runs on people and here are some of the people that run (for) the club!


Brian Le Huquet

Vice President

Lifelong fermenter, Brewer, Alaskan fisherman and Father


James Schandel

I'm the President now?

How did that happen?


Nancy Kwasinski


The most important person in the club hierarchy, the one with all the money!