Welcome to the 2019 Beer Renegades of Everett Washington Competition Page!

The 2019 Lager Competition results are in and congrats to all the winners!


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The Pro-Am contestants and winner will be announced in the next few weeks due to logistics of those judges. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks very much for entering our BREW'S Lager Only Competition Competition!
We had many excellent entries to judge. There were a total of 65 entries judged and medals were awarded in 10 categories.
A detailed list of medal winners is available at https://reggiebeer.com/?Web=1000468
You can get a list of your entries and their scores (and scoresheet scans, if available) for this competition and others by logging in at https://reggiebeer.com


Best of Show

  1. David Sleipness- Rauchbier
  2. Mathew Hibbs- Schwarzbier
  3. Kris Haskins- International Dark Lager


Heavy Medal Brewer

  1. Kris Haskins 12 pts
  2. Matthew Hibbs 11pts
  3. David Sleipness 6 pts

Heavy Metal Club

  1. Browns Point Homebrew Club 22 pts
  2. Cascade Brewers Guild 13 pts
  3. Bellingham Homebrewers Club 8 pts

Standard American Beer

  1. Tristan McCoy/Kyle Jung
  2. Kris Haskin
  3. Kevin Kuttner

International Lager

  1. Kris Haskins
  2. John Hocking
  3. Kris Haskins

Czech Lager

  1. Norm Kwasinski
  2. Matthew Hibbs
  3. John Hocking

Pale Malty European Lager

  1. Kyle Durham
  2. Darin Hamm
  3. Louis Strowger

Pale Bitter European Lager

  1. Anthony Morones
  2. Kris Haskins
  3. Brandon Huston

Pale Bitter European Kolsch

  1. Darin Hamm
  2. Cory Geerdts
  3. Matthew Hibbs
  4. Tristan McCoy/Kyle Jung

Amber malty European Lager

  1. David Sleipness
  2. Norm Kwasinski
  3. Bobby Guzman

Amber Bitter European Lager

  1. Rich Brabant
  2. Kris Haskins
  3. Jeremy Maldonado

Dark European Lager

  1. Matthew Hibbs
  2. Brian Hale
  3. Tristan McCoy/Kyle Jung

Strong European Beer

  1. Ed Moore/George Delana
  2. Matthew Hibbs
  3. Beth Hawes/Ryan Hawes





2019 Lager Competition