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The 2020 Washington Mead and Cider Cup and BREW Lager Competition results can be found below along with other previous Competition results.


This year has been quite a challenge for all of us on a global scale. I am sure history books will be filled with littles asterixis next to 2020.

Homebrew competitions were cancelled one after another and as we approached this fall and our Lager comp date we had our doubts about going through with it. But as virus counts were waning fast and opening of some service industries  businesses was happening, registration was soaring. So we made a decision to get through it and not let the virus win!

We did have to cap the entry count lower than normal as there was a mandate in affect that only allowed for 10 person gatherings. That means one coordinator, one steward and only 8 judges. I thought the most difficult task would be getting judges to attend and I was right, but we did get just enough. We made covid shields to keep participants safe, had plenty of sanitizer on hand and changed our process to minimize cross contact of bottles and sheets etc.

So thank you to our sponsors,

Whitewall brewing

Scratch Distilling

Jon's Homebrew


Best of Show:  Enid Lints 8B schwartzbier

2nd BOS : Cory Geerdts 1D American Wheat

3rd BOS; Tony Ochsner 5D German Pils

The rest can be found at the link below, congrats everyone on making it happen!


2020 BREW Lager Competition Results



This year, as a first, we have a Hand Sanitizer sponsor!

Be sure to thank Scratch Distillery for their donations to keep us safe.








Past Competition results


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