Welcome to the 2018 Beer Renegades of Everett Washington

This year we are proud to announce the hosting of the 2019 Washington Mead and Cider cup!

After a few years hiatus we have taken the reigns of this exciting and unique competition that features outstanding northwest examples of Ciders and Meads.

 Mead and Cider cup

We are proud to announce that Haywire Brewing Company in Snohomish will be hosting this years Mead and Cider competition.

The date for judging is set for March 9th 2019

Registration dates:

Feb 8th-22nd

Drop off:

Feb 22nd- Mar 1st (locations to be announced)

Bottle sort March 2-8

This will be an AHA sanctioned event, WHOTY (Washington Homebrewer Of The Year) qualifier and will be using 2015 BJCP  style guidelines.

In addition to the regular BJCP Mead and Cider categories, we have also created new two new categories 999A and 999B)  for Mead and Cider made with Cascade Candi syrups! This will allow you to enter for more chances to win!


Click here to Register as a contestant or Judge!





Lager Competition.

2018 was a great success with nearly double the entrants. Thanks to all who entered and our Amazing sponsors.

Special shout-out to our hosts

Haywire Brewing!

Check back here for news about 2019 Lager Competition.

And now....

Final results are in!

Dark Lager/Bock

1st:  Matthew Hibbs with Doppel Bock  9A

2nd: Anthony Falcone with Dunkles Bock  6C

2nd: Matthew Hibbs with Schwazbier 8B

3rd: Jeff Harvey with Hells Bock 4C


Light Lagers

1st: Ben Sookying with German Helles Exportbier  5C

2nd: Audrey Slade with American Light Lager 1A

3rd Dan Nelson with International Pale Lager 2A

Honorable Mention: Brian Scott 4A


Light Hybrid/Pilsner/ European Lager

1st William Howe with Kolsch 5B

2nd Ben Sookying with Kolch 5B

3rd Ben Sookying with Vienna Lager 7A

3rd William Howe with Vienna Lager 7A


Best of Show:

1st Matthew Hibbs with Schwarzbier

2nd William Howe with Kolsh

3rd Ben Sookying  with Kolsch

Congrats to all the winners, you score sheets and medals will be mailed to you shortly.
Get started preparing for next year, it should be a great one with some new sponsors and amazing gifts.